Purchasing & Refund Policy

Orders placed on maruge.smartwebsites.io are received by the fulfillment provider and are packed as quickly as possible to be shipped.

Products purchased cannot be cancel after they have been submitted to the fulfillment provider. For this reason, all product sales on marugekundi.org are final. MKi does not resell any returned product and therefore cannot accept exchanges or returns.

However, unless advised nonrefundable, concerning consultation services, for made bookings with no consultation received, requests for cancelations, when deemed necessary, may be considered on a case by case and situational basis.

You may email the team at services@marugekundi.org with the following:

  • Name
  • Specific reason for contacting

Cancelations or refunds, for consultation services only, will be issued at the discretion of Maruge Kundi and are limited to one time grant in a 12month calendar year.

Note: If a refund is issued, it may take within 6-10 weekdays to reflect.

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